Wall printing technology made in Germany

Wallpen GmbH from Wissen presents our specially developed vertical printer

25 months in development, 16 patents for our company, all components high-quality and many made in Germany: that’s the story of the Wallpen® E1 wall printer by Wallpen GmbH from Wissen on the Sieg river.

The printer can print any design on interior and exterior walls made of many different materials, including metal, plaster, glass, wallpaper, latex, plastic, tile, or wood. The ink we use is UV resistant and smudge-proof directly after printing.

Andreas Schmidt, Managing Director of Wallpen GmbH from Forst/Germany, began developing the printer alongside his team in January of 2015. They set high demands for their product: it needed to be stable and easy to operate, sized for transportation and mounting by a single person, simple to control, high-quality, and provide long-lasting printing results with good quality color.

The Wallpen® E1 can do all that and more. The patented vertical printing process can handle all common image file formats. The printer compensates for uneven areas on the wall using modern laser technology, working precisely and cleanly within a spectrum of just 185 to 720 dpi. The printer can create colorful designs on walls up to almost 4 meters high, with no limit to the printable width.

In order to live up to our own expectations, the Wallpen team works with companies that deliver high-quality, well-engineered products. Whenever they couldn’t find a good quality solution on the market, Andreas Schmidt and his employees invented their own processes and technologies and registered them for patents. Besides the software used, the team also developed its own app for mobile operation of the printer by a single user.

The Wallpen® E1 is a project close to the owner’s heart, in which he has invested a large amount of expertise, time, and experience. Our unique wall printer will be entering handmade series production in February of 2017. Initial customers are located in South Africa, Australia, and The Netherlands. This means the Wallpen® E1’s innovative technology will be spreading out from Germany and into the world.