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Commercial aspects

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First of all, of course: You ask, we answer!

Simply use our contact form, send us an e-mail at info@wallpen.com or call us at +49.2742.966800. We look forward to talking to you!

As soon as you have decided to order your wallPen, we will send you an order confirmation with a down payment invoice. The production of your wallPen will start here in Germany after a down payment of 50% of the purchase price. The remaining 50% is then due immediately before delivery.

We accept payments by (international) bank transfer and also accept a letter of credit from your bank. After an order is placed, we issue an invoice for 50% of the agreed purchase price. After receiving the full down payment, we schedule the unit for production and prepare it for shipment right after completion. Prior to shipment, we will issue the final invoice for the outstanding balance and the wallPen will be shipped or personally delivered immediately upon receipt of full payment.

We will be happy to give you a specific delivery time. Simply contact us without obligation.

wallPen delivers "ex works", but we also offer optional shipping to the destination airport (CPT). The costs for the CPT service depend on the respective country and region.

We work with a German logistics company and will be happy to provide you with an individual quote.

Airfreight within Europe usually costs between 300 and 600 Euro, international airfreight is between 500 and 900 Euro, plus 180 Euro for shipping and packing.

Most customers from Germany and neighboring countries simply take their wallPen with them in their car after training at our factory.

Of course! We ship worldwide by air freight within a few days.

The customer shall bear the taxes, customs duties, fees and charges applicable in his country.

You get what you pay for. And when you buy cheap, you usually buy twice.

Why do we claim that?


You should think carefully and decide for yourself whether you want to run a professional business with professional equipment and support in the long run, or whether you want to surround yourself with questionable Far Eastern technology that you can get cheaply, but which certainly does not meet your understanding of quality and sustainability.


If you want to work professionally, you should also go for professional tools.


So please ask yourself:

  • What if something doesn't work as expected?
  • What if spare parts are missing later?
  • What if there are suddenly no more updates for the China software?
  • What if you ever really need urgent help?
  • What if the print results are not as expected?
  • What if a competitor suddenly owns a wallPen and steals your thunder?
  • What if your customer won't accept Far Eastern solvent-based ink in their building?

Most customers with such machines find out the very hard way why the equipment was so incredibly cheap and why their business is now in grave danger. They just then wasted a lot of time and money hoping to save a few euros or dollars per hour of operation.


You should keep in mind that most printers also spend a lot of money on their flatbed presses, even though such equipment is also available in China for a fraction of the price. Why don't these companies save money in this area? Because they think economically and in the long term and do not only look at the low purchase price. Quality has its price.

Nothing! This company has just unfortunately stolen many of our ideas and concepts, basically trying to copy our machine and even illegally using our trademarked brand name "wallPen" against our will. The company makes itself liable to prosecution in many respects and we can only warn very strongly against buying such cheap copies - both directly and via their partner network.

The danger for customers: The device cannot be legally operated because it clearly infringes our patent rights.

Most likely yes. In many countries, the government provides very intensive support for new and innovative technologies such as the wallPen. However, the nature and availability of funding programs varies widely among countries around the world. Many regions of the European Union, for example, offer innovative technology funding with grants ranging from 20% to 100%!

Please inquire with the governmental institutions responsible for you about possibilities for grants and subsidies.

Technical matters

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The wallPen runs on standard household AC voltage between 100 and 250V. The power consumption is only in operation about 200 watts maximum - less than a conventional hair dryer. The power consumption in idle mode is less than 40 watts.

No, the wallPen is what it is: a proven and flexible solution for printing perfectly on vertical surfaces. What we do offer, however, are some options to meet special project requirements. This makes our solution all the more future-proof for our customers and also expandable at any time.

Yes, along with the machine comes a printed and very detailed English manual with 200+ pages. On request, the manual is also available in PDF format in numerous other languages.

Yes, it is motor-driven and integrated into the front axle.

The wallPen E2 operates on a 32-bit ARM multiprocessor system with a specially developed UNIX operating system.

The total weight is 90 kg, divided into 6 portable bags. The heaviest bag weighs 25 kg and can be easily carried and stored.

Printing process matters

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Vertical printing uses four separate drop-on-demand (DOD) inkjet printheads with CMYK colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). The unit automatically moves along the wall on a steered, patented platform on wheels controlled by laser sensors. Rails are not required, but are optionally available for cases where the floor is not sufficiently level.

The wallPen supports print resolutions between 300 and 1200 DPI.


As a rule, most images are rasterized and printed in 600 x 720 DPI. Don't be fooled by the fantasy numbers of the competitors here. Real (!) 600 DPI on the wall are already absolutely stunning in real terms, especially since wall prints are usually large motifs and are always viewed from some distance.

Specially formulated, plastic-like, low-odor wallPen UV ink from European production. The ink is supplied in 200 ml bottles and refilling can be done easily and quickly at any time - even during a printing break - using the syringes supplied.

UV ink can be stored for at least 12 months after delivery.

Since the ink can be quickly and cleanly refilled at any time, there is virtually no limit to the amount of ink you can use. As for the price, experience shows that the cost of the ink varies somewhere between 2 and 6 euros per square meter.

If required, the ink is simply sucked out of the bottle of the desired color with a syringe and refilled into the tank cleanly and drip-free via a connector. In this way - unlike most other systems - hardly any ink is wasted!


We strongly recommend to use only wallPen ink. The use of any other ink will void any warranty.

We guarantee that our ink will retain its color for at least 12 years indoors. Outdoors, the UV resistance is 2 years unprotected, but can be extended to more than 5 years by applying a transparent UV coating.

In general, the ink is immediately dry and scratch resistant immediately after printing.

The printer is operated via the wallPen web app. Our in-house developed RIP software, the "wallPen Processor" is installed on an external PC or laptop (Windows and MacOS) to process images into .wallpen file for printing.

Both programs are included in the delivery.

The device is operated securely and conveniently via an internal WLAN network and the included Android tablet.

Repair & Service

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If you have questions about or problems with your wallPen, please contact your wallPen partner or wallPen Germany directly. However, many technical questions are already answered in the manual and FAQ section of the helpdesk at service.wallpen.com. As a wallPen customer, you get full access here free of charge.

The price of the wallPen includes warranty, telephone hotline and all software updates for one year. During this time you are fully covered in case of questions or problems. For the time after that, we offer you an optional maintenance contract. This costs 0.5% of the purchase price per month and can be concluded for up to three additional years. Customers without a maintenance contract will be invoiced for the costs incurred after the warranty period and settled fairly.

Sure! The wallPen includes one year full warranty, hotline, support, service and software updates. An optional service and support upgrade to a total of up to four years is available upon request.

Countries and regulations are too different to offer a general insurance. It is best to ask your local insurance partner whether they can offer you insurance for the wallPen, e.g. for theft, liability, vandalism or even negligence.

The service life depends largely on handling, maintenance and care. With appropriate care, a head can even last for years.


Should one fail, however, this is not the end of the world. This can be replaced separately, as we do not use "combination heads" as our Chinese competitors do. There is a separate print head for each color.

You can order any spare part or accessory either from your local dealer or directly from us. Most spare parts are shipped from stock. Accessories (such as custom axis extensions) can take up to 30 business days.