How much do I earn with the wallPen®?

Select the desired configuration
Corresponds to a utilization of 8,33%
Profit per month 7.223 The purchase pays off after 6 months
The machine is utilized 1 hours per working day



wallPen® Configurations

  • wallPen® Basis: The basic unit with vertical axis configuration up to 2.4 metres
  • wallPen® Premium: The basic package incl. 6.4 metre guide rail set and flexible vertical axis configuration from 1.7 to 4 metres
  • wallPen® Premium + White: The Premium Package incl. licence and fifth printhead for white printing

Selling price per sqm

Select here the net price at which you offer our wall prints. 170 to 230 euros per sqm are quite common.


Print output per workday

Set here how many square metres per working day you plan to print on average per day.
(This calculation is based on twenty working days per month with eight working hours each day and a print output of two square metres per hour, which predominantly corresponds to the use of the highest quality level. For many projects, a lower quality level with a print output of 4 to 5 square metres per hour is sufficient, which then significantly increases the profit.)


Amount of financing

The purchase price for the wallPen® incl. training


Financing duration

This example assumes full financing through your bank with a term of 5 years. This is quite usual in the market, as the device is written off for tax purposes over six years in most countries.


Interest rate

A currently common financing interest rate, which, however, does not have a dramatic effect on the final result of this calculation. 


Monthly rate

The monthly financing instalment over the total term of five years to fully amortise the unit.


Distribution costs

In order to make this ROI calculation as realistic as possible, a flat rate of one quarter of the total revenue is deducted from the revenue for marketing and acquisition of new projects and customers. These marketing costs thus have a significant and direct impact on the revenue.


Hourly rate of the employee

Remuneration of the employee for operating the wallPen. The costs for travel, assembly and dismantling are usually invoiced separately and are therefore not included here. 


Profit per month

The adjusted profit per month after deducting distribution costs, financing rate and employee hours.