Get the best wall printer out there

The wallPen E1 Plus

Get your own printer and don’t skimp on quality: choose the wallPen E1 Plus. This high-end wall printing press will make your working life much easier by saving you time and money. It will also amaze you and your customers with breathtaking results.

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What you’ll get

  • 1 x wallPen E1 plus
  • 1 full ink set CMYK ( 4 x 200 ml)
  • 6 x customized bags for easy transport
  • 1 x Android Tablet
  • 2 days of full factory in Germany or online skype video training for two persons
  • up to 36 month full warranty, hotline, service and software updates
  • unlimited online support

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    Key features

    Compact safety system

    Developed and built according to German standards

    Steering rod

    integrated into the front profile (patented)

    Variable extension

    to print from 1.6 meters (5.2 ft) up to a height of 4 meters (13 ft) (patented)

    Print resolution

    up to 370 x 720 dpi for optimal printing results

    Level compensation

    for evenness and directional stability (patented)

    Laser sensor

    previews the wall conditions and readjusts the head constantly (patented)

    Easy to transport

    in a mid-sized car, the wallPen E1 Plus can be assembled by a single person in just 5 minutes

    15 patents

    and almost 100 percent German components make the wallPen E1 Plus a global market leader in quality and technology.

    An Android app

    operates the printer and controls the printing process on the included 10″ tablet