Wallpen E1

Experience Wallpen®

The Wallpen® E1 –
wall printer from Germany

Wallpen® E1 applies images, graphics, and artworks directly to plaster walls, wallpaper, wood, clinker brick, paint, glass, stone, plastic, tile, etc. in brilliant color.

High quality Wallpen® ink is produced in Europe. It cures in just milliseconds after printing and is then immediately suitable for washing with a damp sponge, similar to a latex wall covering. In addition, we guarantee UV resistance for twelve years in indoor applications and three years outdoors (without seal).

Wallpen® E1 moves vertically over walls at a speed of up to 4 square meters or better per hour, has an effective resolution of up to 720 DPI, and is extremely quiet and clean. This allows wall surfaces between 1.6 and 3.8 meters in height to be printed in just one work step. Obstacles like projecting edges, outlets, and light switches are recognized by sensors and automatically taken into account in the printing process by our smart software, up to a difference of 10 centimeters.

The printing width is practically unlimited. The Wallpen® E1 tracks the wall surface using a smart automatic process.

Wireless operation is provided by a tablet and Android app. The Wallpen® E1 can be transported easily in any mid-sized personal vehicle, then constructed and operated by a single person in just minutes.

To fulfill the highest quality requirements, the Wallpen® E1 was developed entirely in Germany and is manufactured here as well: 100% made in Germany. We only use high-quality, long-lasting components and guarantee top service worldwide.

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