The evolution
of the Wallpen E1

market launch

Customers have been trained, the bags are printed, and the printer’s been thoroughly tested. In two weeks, the first models of the Wallpen E1 will be making their way into the world. The Wallpen is already receiving attention in the press: Angela Göbler from the IHK Journal visited the company’s headquarters in Wissen.

Critical completion phase

The final phase before completion is always the most exciting. Small optimizations and settings changes are made after daily practical tests. Everyone on the team is excited – it’s a little bit like the days before a birth.

A perfect exterior

Construction of the first five Wallpen E1s is complete, and all components have been assembled. The final tests before completion are starting. Our first customers will be receiving training in February. A marketing concept is being developed, and implementation of marketing measures has begun.

Delivery starts soon

Deadlines for our initial deliveries are drawing closer. The app is being updated once again. We are receiving contacts from several agencies, and a distribution partner in Munich is under contract. The days seem much too short to handle all the things we still need to complete before the market launch.

Contacts from initial customers

Things are moving at a rapid pace now. The news is spreading through forums and by word of mouth: now there’s a German wall printer. While Niklas Kunz writes the app for the tablet used to operate the printer, Schmidt is already making phone calls to Australia, Italy, The Netherlands, Iran, and South Africa. The first interested customers are already sending in binding orders.

It works!

Our first successful wall print has decorated an old wall chart with a knight in black and white. The printer is working exactly like it should! The staff is in a state of cautious euphoria.

No ink flow

The first test print starts. The printer is running and moving over the surface – but no ink is flowing. Searching for a solution to the problem, we added Jochen Christiaens from Stuttgart to the team. He turned the right screw and helped create the first successful print.

Setback followed by a stroke of luck

The programmer ended his months of work by heading home for Easter vacation, after which he did not return to Germany. There was a good reason for this: his program didn’t work. Andreas Schmidt considered this a stroke of luck. Programmer Ramazan Köprülü got in contact with him, became his first employee, and ultimately created software that could provide quality printing results.

16 patents registered

We found solutions for every difficulty we faced over the last few months – many of them new and unexpected. “Walljet,” as Wallpen was known at the time, registered a total of 16 patents with the help of a patent attorney.

90 percent made in Germany

We have found our first suppliers in Germany. Wallpen will only be purchasing laser technology, printer heads, and ink from leading companies abroad. A partner has developed an initial software program for the printer, although it has yet to product successful results.

Initial schematic diagrams

We are creating initial schematic drawings for our printer as the search for high-quality components and reliable suppliers begins. The printing technology and motors are also taking a more concrete shape.

“I’ll build it myself!”

Another printer from another company in China arrives. The eight year-old computer is full of pirated copies. What’s more, the functions are restricted, the print quality low, and multiple malfunctions interfere with reliable operation. Andreas Schmidt decides to build his own printer.

Dreams go up in smoke

The Chinese printer bursts into flames the first time he tries to print with it.

The idea

Andreas Schmidt has an idea to start a company for the German market selling Chinese wall printers, under the brand name “Walljet.” He orders his first printer.