Whatever you want,
wherever you want.

Companies / Branding
Create impressions visitors will never forget.

For unique companies with unique solutions and unique customers.

Your own logo in your reception area, large-format drawings from your own plans in the office, or a colorful system of signs to guide visitors through your business premises: The Wallpen E1 gives corporate design a whole new meaning.

Are you ready for Branding 2.0?

Contact us – we can find the optimal solution for your business.

Exhibitions / Art
New perspectives in a new design

Our wall printer handles formats up to four meters high and any width.

Our wall printer opens up new possibilities for museums. Interested in an eye-catching focal piece in the foyer with colorfast quality that can be painted over later? Want to place a large typeface on a wall or floor to accompany and explain your current exhibit? Our wall printer can do all this and more.

Have your own unique ideas? We’re looking forward to hearing them!

Private / Home
Bring the whole world into your living room!

Make your personal space even more personalized: With large-format vacation photos, portraits, or visual effects. The only thing that’s missing is your imagination.

Anywhere. Any subject. Any reason.

The design possibilities are breathtaking and almost unlimited.

Designs are colorfast, long-lasting, smudge-proof directly after printing, vibrant, and can be painted over once you get tired of them: Your image, your drawing, your painting, or your life’s motto in your space.