The Wallpen® E1 prints pictures and graphics indoor and outdoor in brilliant, durable and high-definition colors directly from USB to plaster, wallpaper, wood, clinker, stone, plastic, tiles, glass, metal, concrete and similar materials.

Create central eye-catchers in the foyer, design facades or museums with unique images, or bring life to homes, offices, corridors, and dreary hospitals and practices.


  • Painters
  • Startups
  • Interior designers
  • Decorators
  • Artists
  • Graphic designers
  • Advertising agencies
  • Printing works
  • Signmakers
  • ……


The Wallpen® is a mobile printing system that prints walls and vertical surfaces directly up to 4 m² per hour to 4 meters high and unlimited width. The device is convenient to transport by one person, quick and easy to setup and up and running within minutes.

The UV ink is cured during printing, is permanently adherent, is harmless to health and can be simply over-coated if required.


The Wallpen opens up completely new markets and customers. The many possibilities inspires thousands of industries, offices, restaurants, insurance companies, banks, museums, cafes, clinics, lawyers, hotels, doctors, leisure parks, retirement homes, administrations, theaters, fitness studios, gas stations and many many more through unique and unrivaled design ideas.